My name is Jacob, I am a drummer from Colombia with 11 years of experience. I started building my studio 4 years ago, and today I can be happy to give my clients a very good sounding audio work. I use High end drums, Sabian and Zildjian cymbals, Shure SM57 for snare, BETA 52 for kick, AKG P220 as Overheads and CAD mics for toms. I use an awesome Clarett 8preX interface, and I record in Logic pro X or in Pro Tools. I carefully place the mics and acoustic panels in order to achieve the best possible sound. I also love to create drum parts for my clients proyects.
I can record many styles, specially Rock, Pop, Metal (165 BPM double kick), Funk, Jazz and latin. Additionally I can play latin percussion such as Timbales, Congas and Bongó. It can really add some "flavour" to your song!

I have worked with the reggaeton artist "Reykon", David Rivera Rock Violin, Nico Gonzalez producer, Leonardo Aguilar from Mexico, and many other rock, jazz and salsa bands.

Check out my Instagram @jakogarces if you want to take a look to some of my work. I will be uploading more of it to this platform too.