My name is Jacob, I am a drummer from Colombia with 12 years of experience. I started some years ago my own Drums and Percussion focused recording studio and I happy to give my clients a very good sounding audio work, and of course, high quality performances. I use high end drums, Sabian and Zildjian cymbals, and industry standard microphones (shure SM57, Beta52, AKG). I use an awesome Clarett 8preX interface, and I record in Pro Tools. I carefully place the mics and acoustic panels in order to achieve the best possible sound. I also love to create drum-percussion parts for my clients proyects.

I can record many styles, like Rock, Pop, Metal, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Techno, Folk, and many instruments of latin percussion such as Timbales, Congas, Bongó, guiro, shaker, Cajon. It can really add some "flavour" to your song! Percussion recording is my speciality.

I have worked with the reggaeton artist "Reykon", David Rivera Rock Violin, Nico Gonzalez producer, Leonardo Aguilar from Mexico, and many other rock, jazz and salsa bands. I have recorded more than 40 songs and freelance jobs, and I have had a good response about it.

Check out my Instagram @jakogarces if you want to take a look to some of my work. I will be uploading more of it to this platform too.