Have full #jMusArch Music Productions/have jMusArch Drum Programming, or Drum Tracks on your music!

Original Instrumental Music, Drum Tracks, and Drum Covers for you!

Welcome to my page! I'm Jonathan "jMusArch" M, an up & coming online remote session musician and remote music producer available for music collaborating...

music production, remote session drumming {(tracking/programming/replacement/charting/quantizing/time alignment/drum stems multi-track comping/arranging) by keydrum, acoustic, or electronic drumming}

...professional business services, that also has a passion for the shape of arches and architectural photography.

The instruments & years of developing in perfecting my musical abilities can meet all the needs you request, as I am happy to adapt, collaborate, & seek out a sound you want to share with the world...

...I will gladly provide!
Contact me : contact@jmusarch.productions
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