Hey there! let me introduce myself first,

First, I'm an artist from Venezuela that has recorded, produced, and mixed for artists from Europe, Asia, Latin, and North America.

Second, the way I work is 100% in the box. With a combination of analog emulation software and new digital tools that allow me to get both definition and depth on my mixes.

Third, my main genres are hip-hop & trap, funk, reggaeton & latin, lo-fi & r&b.

Lastly, you can hear my mixes here: shorturl.at/hoPQZ

If you’re interested in a team member that works tirelessly for your art, you will find what you need by having me in your team. I will help you not only creating a top-quality record, but I will help you develop your artistry where it’s needed. I’ve learned this by constantly refreshing my creativity, being organized, and having a serious work ethic. These skills make me have an unstoppable drive to learn and to keep things fresh every time.

Looking forward to meeting you!