Heanon Tate has become one of the most sought after trailblazers of his time. Commonly referred to as a Renaissance Man, Heanon is a pioneer in gospel music with a sound that resonates in people's hearts and transcends all barriers.

Known specifically for his diverse sound, his music brings people together from all walks of life. He has produced four albums and is currently finishing his next set of projects. Releasing in 2018 will be, "Heanon: Evolved" and "Heanonmusic Presents: The Fearless Project, Vol.2" which will be a compilation featuring various artists, producers, and song writers.

Heanon has been featured in Lifetime Television Series’ Army Wives, Showtime television series “Homeland”, Fox television series “Rosewood”, and the movie “The 5th Quarter”. He has also been featured in numerous media outlets including CTN, TBN, Atlanta Live, Tampa Bay Times, Good Morning Columbia, and other widely recognized platforms.