Modern music maker with a touch of the dark caribbean. Musician, Producer and DJ. My productions have been featured and released in more than 10 labels worlwide. English/Spanish speaker. Looking forward to working with you and giving your music that unique and special sound that you're looking for :)

My services:
-Music production
-Beat making
-Digital Mixing
-Digital Mastering

I work digitally with Ableton Live 10, MIDI Controllers and External Instruments.

Main genres:
-Indie (Indie Rock, Indie Dance, Surf Rock, Shoegaze)
-Electronic music (Techno, House, Deep House, Electro, Synthwave, Chillwave, and more)
-Pop (Indie Pop, Synth Pop, Dream Pop, Electro Pop)

Originally from Venezuela, lived in the US during my teenage life and currently living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I started out as a DJ/Producer at a young age quickly getting recognition for my own music across different countries which led to my tracks being released on different labels from countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, amongst others. Then I was invited to play with different Indie Rock bands since they wanted to incorporate my sound and skills into their songs, which led me to be a member of numerous projects.
I currently continue making music, playing in bands and also Djing.
I work as a freelance music producer, also work with clients offering digital mixing and mastering services.