I am an independent music producer and artist so I see from both sides of the window on what it's like to be on a timely schedule and also, from an artists POV, what it's like to get something that's rushed back and sound like crap. Unfortunately, I've had some of my music mixed on AIRGIGS and come back a lot worse than I thought. I can mix great and it turns out I ended up mixing my own music better than some of the projects that I requested for mixing so I figured I would give this a try. I have mixed music for the past 3 years and I was interested in how cheap you can get mixing done on here so I want to offer my services to YOU. I have a home studio setup with JBL 350 monitors, NUMEROUS mono and stereo speakers to ensure the greatest sound on all devices(in the car, on your phone, on a stereo speaker, etc.) and over the past 3 years, I've also obtained TONS of plug-in FX for the best mixing experience for your needs, either it's auto-tune to touch up your voice or stereo imaging to expand how wide your sound can spread throughout any room, I've got it all. My plug-ins include:
- VOCAL RIDING (fixes and monitors your vocal levels to ensure maximum volume to get that punch in radio ready mixes)
- ULTRA-MAXIMIZER (places any element[s] ABOVE the rest of the song so you can notice certain things that stand out)
- HYBRID REVERB (gets you the best possible sound for your mix)
- DIMENSION EXPANDER(gives your vocals a more studio digitalized sound)
- Reel ADT(the effect you hear with MANY of Linkin Parks vocals, designed specifically for The Beatles, as well as heard in music from Kanye West, Adele, and Pink Floyd)
-NOISE SUPPRESSOR(takes out the sound of air from the short breaks between your vocals and also the air and echo you might possibly hear in a larger reflective room)

I also offer many more plug-ins but those were just a few I most commonly get asked about. I will not be asking for much from you other than a little patience, but I mix all day most days so give me about 3 days tops, but you can usually hear back from me within a day or 2 more often.