Chris Milano has been playing bass for over 25 years and has played in some of the top acts in N.Y. & FL.
Milano is an accomplished bassist and plays a right handed bass upside down hence the name "left upside down". This is rarely seen and it's incredible to watch. He played styles of music the range from Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Country, Pop, and Jazz Fusion to name a few.
Chris Milano also played the part of Tony Kanal in a No Doubt Tribute BAND (No Clout)
Also with an Engineering degree from the school R.E.I. formally know as A.R.T.I.. With that degree Milano landed a job in NY working for Just Released Productions doing audio until he decided to start his own radio show on 98.5 The Bone Long Island, N.Y. called The Music Mariner Radio Show. Now Milano is off on another music endeavor so stay tuned.