Chaz A. Chambers is an American musician, drummer, composer, producer. Chaz was recently touring and performing drums with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth. He was the last drummer to ever play on Ringling Bros Red Unit. Chaz performed over 500 shows in just over a year and half with Ringling Bros. The famous Ringling Bros Circus, a 146 year American institution performed their very last show in May 2017. Ringling's red unit, the 145th edition show was called "Circus Xtreme" and toured thousands of miles around the United States performing in front of millions people. (Drumming videos can be found on YouTube.)

Chaz has also lived and performed drums in the Atlanta, Denver, and San Diego areas. Chaz has toured much of the United States, Caribbean and parts of Mexico. Chaz has been playing drums since age five. He learned to play with multiple friend growing up, and he received his own set around age 7. In middle school and high school Chaz became more serious about touring and performing. He started multiple different rock and metal bands between ages 14-19. One of Chaz's original successes was a metal band called "Silas Marner." Silas Marner toured the entire southeastern US and played in front of thousands of fans. As Chaz's musical career started to evolve, he attended and graduated from Atlanta Institute of Music and Media in March 2012. Only a few weeks after graduating, Chaz complete multiple cruise ship contracts as both a showband and lounge drummer. He was able to perform many different "vegas-style" production shows, and back many different fly-on performers including Motown singers and jugglers.

Chaz has successfully released two musical EPs through major digital distribution. "Colored World" released in April of 2015 and "Apatheia" released in January of 2017. His compositions can be found on platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and many more.

Chaz Chambers currently operates a drumming and music production studio in Nashville, TN. He is capable of recording live drum tracks remotely or traveling to a studio of your choice. For more information please email him directly: