Nashville based song drummer. Recording credits include Tony DeSare (Want You, Last First Kiss, Radio Show), Rebecca Pronsky (Departures & Arrivals), Mike Frost Band (Inside Your Eyes), Amelia Eisenhauer (Fortune Cookie), & Dalton Gray (Hangin' The Moon), performs regularly with Dave Roe (Johnny Cash) & Kenny Vaughan (Marty Stuart).
Great gear. Excellent pre-amps. Fast turnaround. Hi quality wav files.
Plays all styles including Pop, Rock, Country, Americana, Indie, Jazz & knows how to swing. Can sound like Ringo, Weckl, Porcaro, Keltner, Gadd, & Jordan upon request. Prices include lightly mixed tracks (light EQ/Compression) or raw tracks, 2 percussion overdubs (shaker, tambourine, hand drums, etc)
Pretty much any drum sound you want. 5 drum kits (new & vintage sounds), 15 snare drums. Want lo-fi? Yup I got it.
Logic Pro X.