The artistic collaboration between Corrado Carosio and Pierangelo Fornaro started in 1998, when they founded the music production house “Bottega del Suono”, flexible structure used to combine classical instrumentation and orchestration with the most experimental techniques of electronic music, during all phases: composition and orchestral scoring, pre-production, recording of small and large musical ensembles, editing, surround mixing and mastering.
Bottega del suono has done the soundtrack to commercials, feature films, short films, tv series and plays.
Among the brands Bottega del Suono has worked for are BMW, Intesa Sanpaolo, Coke, Fiat, 12.40 Yellow Pages, Sisal…
Carosio and Fornaro have composed and produced the soundtrack to the feature films “Banana” (by A. Jublin, original songs), “All the murmurs of the sea” (by F. Brugia), “Never Again as before” (by G. Campiotti), “Hannover” (by F. Vicentini Orgnani) and to the short films “The King of the Island” and “Vudu Dolls” (by R. Della Calce, animation) and “La rosa muta” (by C. Bell).
TV work includes the score to the TV series “Rocco Schiavone #1/#2” (directed by M. Soavi – prod. Rai Fiction|Cross Productions), “Non Uccidere #1/#2 [Close Murders]” (created by C. Corbucci, directed by G. Gagliardi, prod. RaiFiction|FreemantleMedia), “Impazienti” (by C. Laudisio) and “Colpi di sole” (artistic director L. Ribuoli), the music for the the documentary “L’uomo che sconfisse il Boogie” (by D. Cocchi), and the opening title for the tv show “Mi manda Rai Tre” and the animation series “Ripples 2” (produced by Animabit-Rai).
Music for plays includes the scores to “Quella sera al Vel d’Hiver” (by M. Poggio, G. Burzi and D. Iacopini), sound effects and cuts for Alberto Colla’s opera “Der Prozess” (La Scala theatre in Milan) and for the theatrical piece “Onegin o l’arte di non saper vivere”(by D. Salvo, Teatro Stabile in Turin).
Their re-interpretation of the song “Beautiful”, for Sony Music Publishing, has become the End Title of the ep. 02/02 of the Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black”.
Their OST for the tv series Rai2 “Rocco Schiavone” won the “Best Music for an Italian Television Series 2016”, award assigned by
They have also received the “Best Soundtrack Award” at the 17* Genova Film Festival.