Specialist in SOUND and MUSIC in Los Angeles.

Any kind of work regarding to sound and music!
Professional approach and high quality performance.
Many awards and achievements.
Grateful and satisfied customers.
Working with any budget.
Helping with any question about sound and music, as well as the installation and setup of sound equipment.
Free consultations, advices, answers to your questions, as well as free one-time simple services.

Contact me and I'll make you a better offer for your needs.


List of my services:

> RECORDING, MIXING and MASTERING your songs on top ANALOG sound equipment in a professional recording studio in Hollywood (work examples i will send you upon your request).
List of equipment here -- > https://www.facebook.com/notes/dj-женя-hollywood/список-оборудования-в-студии-звукозаписи/573370473115417/

> EDITING audio files and sound design.
+ Removal of vocals from songs!
+ Deleting voice tags from "FREE" beats!
+ Vocal pitch correction (vocal tuning).
+ Timing correction (song tempo).
+ Music key corrections.
+ Special effects, processing audio, synchronization (live drums).

> TRANSFERRING audio from audiocassettes to audio file - recording from cassette tape in mp3 or any other format without loss of quality.
Improving legibility of poorly sound audio recordings.

> Selection of music and sorting of the PLAYLIST for various institutions, restaurants, holidays, events, performances.

> POSTING your music on various music platforms for its sale (monetization)
+ Audio Marketing (spreading music to the interested audience).

> TEACHING music software to create your own compositions on the computer, for mixing and processing audio, for dj-ing, for writing musical scores.
+ Sound synthesis basics.
Possibly also on Skype!

> Making audio ADVERTISEMENT and recording VOICEOVERS for videos / books / animations / answering machines / performances of theatres / presentations.

> DJ with your favorite music to your event in Los Angeles (music for any taste).

> PERSONAL SOUND ENGINEER for artist, music group, vocalist, composer, event presenter.

> COMPOSING music for a musical project.

> CONVERSION of musical scores and audio material to midi information, and vice versa.