Austin Thompson, also known as Auspiddit is an Artist/Songwriter/Producer/MixEngineer Born 1996 in Hartford, Connecticut and Raised in West Hartford. He has musical influences from his mothers love of Soul and his fathers infatuation with Jazz music. Auspiddit himself loved the sounds of Hiphop influencers which include 2pac, Eminem, Nas, Big Pun, The Lox and more. At the age of 8, Auspiddit began writing lyrics in his Second grade notebook as a hobby. Not until reaching the age of 14 did he begin to take his talent serious.
Not like most of his young peers, he loved music with a meaning. With constant fighting at home he related to songs that spoke to him. That's what sparked him to try his own wordsmithing. The older he grew, the more he used his disadvantaged surroundings to his advantage in writing.
In a Game full of "Copy Catting" along with not taking the college route like alot of Auspiddit's peers, he knows the odds are stacked against him. His music questions life and struggles in West Hartford/Hartford as well as gives his own personal view.
He has performed in many areas across New England