I come from a background of challenges. Mostly mental health challenges. I have tourrets I stutter really bad and anixtey.
How ever I have done more with my life then you would meet people do in most.
I am a singer with various awards behind my name. I am a writer I have produced two talent shows. I was a business recruiter and manager since 2015 to 2016. I became the only eagle in my family at 16. I lost my best friend that was in the army at age 20. Child hood friend. In 2014 I met a sweet girl who at that time I feel in love with. 2016 I got married. But there is a lot more. My wife coming from a hard background from her mom. My wife also having challenges. About 6 months ago I was accused of a crime which was not my fault. Putting me in jail. I got bailed out How ever I went to the judge. He said for me to get Counsleing and marriage. Which I did. I did that and more also landing a job getting help from a agency to help me with my living. During the time I was working on this my wife had tried to take my own life a few times with one time a knife. Leaving a mark on my neck. The other trying to bash My head in with a gutair. This month on the 14th I left for a abuse shelter. Finding only my wife was followed from Walmart raped 2 times. Myself having a singing voice had a video. Which she left a message under. So I came back. But while I was back it was I want this I want that. Her birthday is not till Dec 28th and she wants gifts now. Many times she depleted our account. Few weeks ago we were at Wal-Mart. She wanted some supplements i said no. She began throwing a fit in the store. Which we left then it was her birthday. Buy me buy me buy me. When I said no She had scissors at her throat
I called the police they took her. The hospital admitted her. And now she is getting help. She will be in a group home. But she wants to remain married. Which I have said no. Its time to repair the pain that was done. Even though she would not change. I have faith hope courage and kindness. And dedication
my work as a singer