My passion for singing started as early as the age of 3. I was very fond of turning ordinary tables into a makeshift stage and singing my heart out. That very enthusiasm transformed itself into a desire and determination to pursue music as a career, and it still thrives up to this day!

My roots and musical influences come mostly from musical theater. I pay outstanding attention to emotion in my delivery, along with good vocal technique and enunciation — this is tweaked and customized according to the different genres I specialize in, in order to make sure that every song and project that I become a part of has its own unique and special mix.

Throughout 10 years of experience and training through voice lessons and musical theater workshops, I've honed a constant desire to grow and expand my horizons as an artist. To hear more of the tracks I've been a part of, and the wonderful artists I have collaborated with, check out my SoundCloud!

Who knows? Give it a listen and maybe I could be the perfect voice for your song!