Hi, I'm Yoad.
I'm a highly-motivated, result-driven sound designer and engineer.

I've discovered my passion for sound at the age of 15, I was a drummer for a few local bands and we wanted to record our music, but could not find anyone to do it for us, So I bought some basic gear and jumped right in.
The sound was terrible, none of us knew what we were doing, surely I didn't know.
In the years that follow I made a lot of "mistakes", but never gave up, I was intrigued "How do I get a great sound?".
I wanted to deepen my knowledge and specialize, I applied for Pluto studios professional audio school.

Since then, I've Recorded Mixed and Mastered tracks for artists who play their music live in front of thousands of fans, recorded songs for bands that I wanted to work with for a long time, and came out with my own project studio Sonic Scape Studios.

But most importantly,
I do what I love the most.