Violet Music offers a team of experienced producers whose works include big international collaborations and successes on their music resume.
We are specialized in score-mixing and mastering, especially when it comes to cinematic orchestral music as well as POP music.
We provide high quality music, suitable to motion pictures, TV-Media, games and artists who want to perform over a nice instrumental track.

Violet Music’s leading producer is Gianni Chiarparini, a composer for movies, commercials, games and producer for international artists. He is noted for being able to space between different genres, from commercial POP & electronic music to orchestral and acoustic soundtracks.

Recently he was hired for composing the full soundtrack of StarCrafts MOD, a cartoony official MOD for Starcraft II produced by Carbot Animation in co. with Blizzard Entertainment.
In addition he works closely with several music labels for producing their artists and collaborates with some elite authors on Audio Jungle.

Consider us available also for custom productions and freelancing.