Hey guys! I specialize in the breathy, alt-rock sound, but I’m versatile and I can also sing pop, country and hip-hop.

My name is Tristin Lee and I'm a session singer with a home studio in Portland, Maine. I have a high customer return rate, and I attribute that to not just top quality vocals in a short turn around time, but also to being flexible, fun and easy to work with! I’m new to AirGigs and I’m excited about meeting and working with new people!

I want all my clients to feel that they've got the most bang for their buck, so I typically charge by the hour ($50) instead of by the track /song. I'm a quick study, I work fast, and I require minimal to NO postproduction on my end... which allows me to do more for YOU!

Assume approximately 100$ per song, but let's talk! Depending upon the song complexity, I can often do multiple tracks and harmonies for $150.

Can't wait to work together!