Why choose the SINGERY?
Many studios will use a set template to record you, regardless of your individual sound and your artistic vision. The result is often something that sounds vaguely “professional,” but lacks the character and “vibe” that makes you unique. At the SINGERY, we sit down with you ahead of time to understand your aims for the project. Our goal is to maximize the value of your experience, while also providing an end product that is completely unique to you as an artist.

We specialize in mixing & mastering, recording engineering, music/beat composition, and music arrangement. With years of experience and dozens of satisfied clients, we believe that we can deliver your product in a time and cost-efficient manner at a level unparalleled by other studios.

What makes the SINGERY different from other studios?
Our goal at the SINGERY is to create an artist-centered, value-driven environment for music and music production. We are first and foremost musicians and music fans. We love playing, recording, and getting to know other musicians. Moreover, we both share a passion for helping musicians bring their ideas to life to share with friends and fans. We don’t claim to be the best producers and engineers, nor do we claim to have any fancy experiences or “degrees” or anything like that. We love making music, we love learning how to make music even better, and we want to help others enjoy the journey of creating musical moments that can be shared forever.

Who is the SINGERY?
The SINGERY is an intimate project studio run by Andrew Singer and Phil Emery. Andrew and Phil have both been active members in the local music scene for a decade, playing in small bands in the surrounding areas as well as being active participants in the worship groups of numerous churches. Both have a passion for helping young and up-and-coming musical acts find their voice and reach a wider audience.

How does the SINGERY keep costs low?
We keep our costs low in a number of ways. First, we haven’t loaded up our studio with a bunch of expensive, vintage gear, and we don’t buy on credit. We have an equipment locker that allows us to do our jobs well and cover a lot of ground without passing the excess costs onto you. Second, we don’t do this as a full-time job. You’re not paying to keep our lights on, our family fed, or our mortgage paid. We know it’s hard enough as a musician keeping yourself fed and sheltered, and we don’t believe in you paying our bills, too.