Singer / song writer based in Calgary, AB, Canada. A poor man's Dave Grohl is the best way to describe me at this stage in my musical career. I try to get as much recorded myself as I can but there's not substitute for pro tone and pro performances. I've learned to set my ego aside and acknowledge that other musicians can add to my songs in ways I've never thought of.

Full disclosure: I am picky and I do expect great takes and great tones and will push you to nail each track to the wall, but the end product has always turned out well so far and it's been a great experience connecting with other musicians throughout the globe. I have become less attached and less married to all the parts I write so feedback, ideas, improv is certainly welcome.

My notation ability is subpar to say the least but I will provide isolated audio, guitar tab, performances that are slowed down in tempo etc so you aren't wasting time trying to figure out a passage by ear.

My genre is Rock but it's VERY variable within that arena as I can write heavy, borderline metal songs, then the next track can be a 3/4 orchestral love ballad. I absolutely love layers and saturation and its very rare that I write a track with just drums, bass and guitars. I also have a difficult time recording a song that's under 5 mins duration so custom offers are certainly welcome if the tune pushes the envelope with regards to length and/or technicality.

Looking forwards to the journey!