Spatarini art name born in Sicily, Italy in 1975, known as DJ Paolino, released from friends with whom he shared his passion for music with his SL-200 belt of his turntables, he he began his musical experience with commercial dance music of the 90s with evenings and private parties and then approaching clubs, pubs, discos, night clubs including "Ara DiscoPub, Ispica (RG)" Disco MobyDick, Marzamemi (SR) "" Tam Tam, Portopalo di Capo Passero (SR) "and more local in the province of Syracuse and Ragusa. In 1997 for his first time out of lands from Sicily to perform in the villages of Salerno enriching its culture. In 2017 he attended a school for musical production "MAT ACCADEMY". He produces music on his own and for other artists as a ghost. His musical style is influenced by the 90s, producing house music in all its styles.