Hello, Airgigs community.
I began with making hip-hop beats in 2002. First, I started to make arrangements with loops (beats, scratches, pianos, guitars, basslines, strings), made by producers. Then I learned composing patterns to put some authority in my music – i began to compose in piano rolls and virtual drum machines. My first style was very similar to US eastcoast hip-hop. I used to put many digital effects, like Reverb, EQ, Delay, Distortion, Chorus, Vocoder, Compressor, Pitcher etc. Later, in 2007 i learned more about the composing melodies, harmonies and using the basic musical scales. Using different samplers I made a couple of tracks with hip-hop beat, mixed with composed patterns of pianos, flutes, basslines, strings, harps, kotos. To have them correctly put in the mix, I learned more advanced options in digital effects, knowledge about sound waveforms and their edition. In some cases, I helped my friends to mix their vocals and other lead elements into single tracks. Also, I had my practices in mixing movie speech with music. And here I am, in Airgigs.com with my ideas to be useful for your audio productions.