Violinist Javier Orman studied with award-winning artists Lee-Chin Siow and Yehonatan Berick at the College of Charleston and the University of Michigan, both with full scholarships. He has recorded for established artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Skylar Grey, Magnolia Memoir, contemporary LA-based ensemble wildUp, and for the soundtracks of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past', 'The Americans' and others. He recently created Rogue Planet Studio, a project that provides remote strings production services to composers, producers and songwriters around the world.

He was called an “excellent musician, called for great things in his career” by Revista Sinfónica, and Authentic Arden said "Orman is to his violin what Steve Vai is to the guitar. His range is fascinating.” For the past four years, Javier has recorded and performed nationally with KOZM, currently featured in a world-wide AMC commercial. Their albums ‘Mirá’ and 'hello, Kaleidoscope’ received rave reviews: “Beautiful, cinematic, phenomenal” (The Daily Album); “Masterful genre-bending work” (New York Bluegrass Community); “Exceptional genius” (I Am Entertainment Magazine). He has toured with Entropy Ensemble (instrumental Radiohead-cover-band), Terranova Piano Trio (Latin American chamber music) and La Belle Musique (featuring 17th- and 18th- century women composers).