Robin Bibeau: Acoustic, Electric Guitar for $30

My name is Robin Bibeau and I am a Jazz, Classical, Rock, Progressive Rock and Metal guitarist, residing in Whitehouse, Texas. I can record rhythms as well as shredding rock guitar for you with an array of influences with my own personal original touch. I can also record lovely classical pieces and jazzy guitar rhythm and solos. I can deliver guitar melodies, licks, solos, rhythms and harmonies.

I am a professional session/touring guitarist with the band Bibeau (signed worldwide record deal with Fade to Silence Records & Filmworks, distributed worldwide via Amped/Alliance Distribution and AWAL Digital. My band Bibeau has supported shows with Ace Frehley, John 5 and The Creatures. I have Jazz performances with Eric Marienthal, Bob McChesney, Allen Vizzutti, and Lou Marini. I have also performed classical recitals with Professor Isaac Bustos and the ETSO East Texas Symphony Orchestra (Richard Lee - Music Director) and a wide selection of other great artists.

I only record the styles that I really love and understand: Rock, Pop, Blues, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Classical/Classical Academic Music, Southern Rock are in my wheelhouse.
I have a large variety of guitars, amps and effects. If you don't see something ask. It's likely I have access.

Jackson Sl2h Soloist
Charvel San Dimas
Gibson 1980 Explorer
Musicman Silhouette 
Gretsch Electromatic
Luthier made Spanish Guitar, Loriente Sofia
Wasburn D-10 M/CBL Acoustic Guitar

Peavey 6505+
Marshall AVT 150H
Marshall 1960A and 1960B Stack 4x12 Cabs w/Celestion G12T-75
Fender Twin Reverb '65 Black Plate Reissue

Shure SM57's

Pedal endorsment by Six String Effects
TC Electronic G major 2 
Boss OD-1 Overdrive 
Boss NS-2 Noise Gate
Boss DD-3 Delay
MXR CAE Line Driver/Boost
Voodoo Labs GCX
Digitech Mosaic 12 String Simulator
Six String Effects Carbonator Fuzz
Six String Effects Rip-chord Distortion