Robbin Marx is a creator from Brooklyn, New York. He is the founder of End of the Weak International, a Global Hip Hop collective. For years, Robbin traveled Europe and the US performing and promoting End of the Weak. “When I left for Europe to start EOW Int’l, I had two shows booked in London, a suitcase, a box of CDs and a few hundred dollars in my pocket.” says Marx. Today, EOW Int’l has active chapters in 13 countries spanning 5 continents. Marx was featured on MTV, BET, M6, Cannes Film Festival, and Trace TV.

In 2016, Robbin took a step away from his Hip Hop roots to focus on his family. A father of two and a dedicated husband, Robbin chose to recalibrate his approach to creative expression. While tinkering with GarageBand on his wife’s iPad, he started flirting with the idea of creating digital music. “At first, i was just fooling around but after a while I kind of liked what I was creating.” says Marx. After sharing some of his work and getting positive feedback, he went all in on music production. He upgraded his equipment and started a new chapter in his musical journey. Robbin released two instrumental albums in 2018 (Airborne 1 and Airborne 2). That same year, he partnered with producer EL-S Beats to release Stoops #1.

Robbin Marx is putting the finishing touches on his latest offering, “Beats by Water”. His 9 year old son came up with the name for the project. “We live close to the East River in Brooklyn and use the ferry a lot. The waterfront has inspired my work tremendously. The name is fitting.” explains Marx. The instrumental album contains a variety of vocal samples that create a new aesthetic for his work. When asked why “Beats by Water” is different than his previous projects, Robbin responds, “My intention was to create a project that gives the listener an opportunity to fill in the blanks. It’s like one of those pick your own adventure books. The choruses set the tone but the instrumental sections of the arrangements are there for one to think, feel, ponder, or create. It’s not about my message or my beats. Its not about me at all. It’s about the listener and their personalized experience.