Pierfrancesco Vairo was born on April 25, 1988. He started studying drums at the age of 13 with the teacher Corrado Marciano. He showed immediately a particular penchant for music and percussion in general. He became part of the cover band "Without " and collaborates with many musicians in Salerno. At the age of 18 he was the drummer of the group " KOB " , which opened Jovanotti’s concert in Agropoli (SA). He produced a demo in a recording studio in Solofra (AV) in 2007 . He joined the Laurino Jazz Festival, a musical five-day seminar and studied with jazz drummer Roberto Gatto. After he worked in the indie rock project called "The Boh " participating in many festivals all over Italy and later became the drummer for the singer Luciano Tarullo. He took part with him in the recording of an album and toured for a promotional tour. In 2009 he is the drummer of the band Goyah, worked on drafting arrangements for the album “Memori” recorded in Tetbury (UK) and also participated in four promotional videoclips . He played in the studio for the singer Mico Argirò and joined the band Entropia. Subsequently he attended lessons with the drum teacher Sergio Di Natale, with who he still collaborates, coming especially to learn the American teaching ( Berklee , PIT ) , particularly that of Gary Chaffee , increasing all kinds of music, and conducting their own studies on Latin and polyrhythm , while remaining true to pop character. In 2011 he toured with the former lead singer of Santarosa , Antonio Agresti , Entropy and Goyah , while in 2012 he worked for Santarosa again but this time for Roberto Carlotto , former keyboardist of DikDik . In 2013 he passed the admission’s exam for the Conservatory of Parma and was praised by the committee chaired by Lele Melotti. He was inserted into the top ten drummers in Italy , after participating in the competition "Project 108 Italy ", organized by FBT . He took part in the international contest " Bombastic drum contest" organized by Chad Smith the drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Currently he is a student on the course " Computer music recording techniques and recording the drums " of the educator Emilio Orrico , formerly keyboardist of Marco Ferradini , Tullio De Piscopo , Aleandro Baldi , and plays an intense activity of session musician and arranger. He is a drum teacher in the professional school of music AMF and practices it also privately. In 2018 he graduated with a specialist degree at the conservatory in percussion.