Need that 80 's rock voice? How about some jingles, country, EDM or even ballads? I am your guy! I am a Canadian singer with over 15 years of professional experience ranging from TV jingles to Video Game and Pro Wrestler theme songs to full albums. I have worked with large productions by the likes of Lexus Japan, SEGA, Mercedes Benz, and Konami just to name a few. A large part of my professional career took place in Asia where I worked with much of Japan's top rock talent, and have toured as direct support for bands such as Steelheart, Steel Panther, and Death Angel.
I now work out of my own home studio with ProTools, quality gear and an acoustically treated sound booth.
My voice has a powerful high register but I have a 4 to 5 octave range and also handle sweet, soft vocals well.
My professional experience has been largely various forms of rock and metal however I have been hired for EDM, country, blues, pop, and various jingles.
I have a quick turnaround time and am able to do lead vocals, harmony tracks and ad-libs upon request.
I take pride in a solid work ethic and client satisfaction.
I trust we can work towards mutual satisfaction on whatever project you require.
Best regards!