Nearly 40 years ago I entered a recording studio in North Hollywood to lay down more than a few demo tracks that I composed at home on my 4 track. At the time, I was living in Hollywood, often hanging out at clubs and socializing with groups of young musicians.
Contrary of what was happening in music at the time my influences and tastes couldn't be more radically different. I was listening to the orchestral compositions and arrangements byMichael Kamen, Mick Ronson, Brian Wilson, George Martin , Burt Bacharach, Chris Hughes , David Angel, Jack Nitzsche and many other pop composers and arrangers .
I took my demos and teamed up with some pretty talented musicians that I had befriended on the strip and went to work. Working with an outstanding engineer, who filled in as a producer, I spent the following two years re-recording my songs on a 64 track board that were then mixed to tape. I tossed the masters when I moved to NY. 20 years later I'm back in LA and more than ready to finish this project.