Aaron "Genious" Vann-Lites
Aaron “Genious” Vann-Lites Sr, Chief Executive Officer of The North Productions, LLC and President of North Global Publishing Born and raised in Boston, MA, Aaron adopted his ear for sound and music in church at the age of 4 and was granted the opportunity to showcase his musical ability at age 7 when his mentor and longtime friend Melvin Hill passed him the drumsticks and from there it was history! He was then able to see the joy that it brought to his family, friends and all the people around him. As a youth he had the opportunity to grow with some great artist/musicians/composers such as Melvin Hill, Robert Lewis, Freda Battle, Vonda McFarlane, Nathan Landers, Robert Johnson, Take Igarashi and Dennis Montgomery III. These great individuals had a tremendous impact on his growth as a musician and vocalist. It was at age 11 when he began to experiment with creating his own music and sound with just a Yamaha keyboard and a karaoke machine. As he naturally advances with his skills over time, he was then gifted an MPC 2000 from his older brother who happened to be into music as well. From that point he began to grow into a unique and versatile songwriter, vocalist, musician, and producer. He loves and appreciates the craft which shows in his music. The passion doesn’t stop there… He has had the experience in working as a live sound engineer at churches and many other different venues and has worked in several different recording studios as an in-house producer/mix engineer. The many different genres he has covered is amazing; Hip Hop, RnB/Soul, Gospel, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Trap, Dubstep, country and EDM.

He has attended Berklee College of Music online for Music Production and attended The Recording Radio & Film Connection for Advanced Audio Engineering working in one on one sessions with Toni (Father) and Matt (Son) Ricci and Grammy-winning engineer/producer Phil Greene.

2014 he signed his first production deal with DyHard Entertainment (Independent Label in Pennsylvania) which was led by another amazing producer Chris “Crisis” Hayes. This is where he was able to fully tap in and learn more about the music BUSINESS and was able to make some major connections in the industry. 2016 he teamed up with 8Ball Entertainment (Independent Label/Management in Massachusetts) led by Kevin Ball. With him returning home he was able to rebuild and make a statement.

With those experiences and many more before he has finally stepped out on faith and started his own company. Teamed up with Melissa Sanon in 2018 to build the foundation and then launched in the beginning of 2019 and has already gotten off to an impressive start.

Fun Fact: If you know Aaron, then you know he was and is still truly inspired by legendary producer Timothy Mosley but you all may know him as Timbaland. There were also other legends like Teddy Riley, Rodney Jerkins aka Darkchild, Just Blaze, Pharrell Williams and Ryan Leslie who inspire him as well.