'No Serial Killer' is the brainchild of Mr. A.K.M. from Nottingham, England. He plays piano like a bass guitar, hence the term 'bass piano.' There is no bass guitar on the album. We cannot think of any artist who uses the piano as a bass guitar. All 30 songs were written by A.K.M. and all singers are North American.

Why the name No Serial Killer? Is life getting you down? Are you struggling to appear normal when in public? Are you sick of pretending to be well-adjusted at all times? Well, take heed. All of these frustrations may some day cause you to flip. Think for a minute - when people start to kill, does this happen overnight? Or does the harsh reality of life cause a person to slowly fall apart? A.K.M.'s 'No Serial Killer' is a music concept designed to eliminate murder in society. If a person feels they're going crazy, before they reach 'the breaking point' they must recognize that to kill others is evil, nasty and to put it mildly, highly inconsiderate. It's not a crime to be insane, so embrace the insanity before it consumes you. We need to establish a world where no killing takes place, especially 'no serial killing'. Think of how many lives we can save. So ask yourself are you with us? The choice is yours.