Let's enrich your podcast so your listeners get more engaged and YOU get more (and better) reviews.

Let me tell you about some usual "flaws" I hear in 90% of podcasts:

- The obvious "elephant in the room" - overall quality.
It is unbelievable how many podcasts I've heard had editing leftovers, so called "artifacts". This happens when editing is pushed way too far, so the natural recording is almost completely lost. If we have quality issue to this extent, I'd rather consult you about recording setup and equipment than ruining the episode with too much editing.

- Background music gets WAY to loud. It's "fighting" the voice.
My solution is much smoother, with fade ins and fade outs, plus special attention to the flow of the whole podcast.

- Inconsistency.
The way I like to work is with a 'template' of prepared parts that are always used in a podcast (intro, outro, ad, disclaimers etc.) and then just 'stitch' in new edited parts (interviews, guest intros and outros etc.). It gives the listeners much more consistency (people like expected things) and it makes your podcast instantly recognizable.

Bring your podcast to a whole new level of quality.
Let the professional take care of it while you focus on growing your business.

Please introduce yourself and make sure to message me the details, with an optional link to your podcast - I'll be glad to discuss and evaluate it.