NEMAN (aka "Rope") is a sound producer and DJ from New york.
He was born in Belarus. Passion for art manifested at an early age and at 15 he graduated from Antoni Tyzenhaus music school specializing in guitar. At the same time young artist became interested in the sounds of electronic music. He immediately began to educate himself and start experimenting. In 2007 musician playing the underground DIY electronics and studying journalism in Belarusian State University. From 2010-2013 he spent most of time at club consoles and open air musical events. Local promoters began to recognize "Rope" and start booking him for events, taking place in nearby Europe.
2014-2017 marks the time of long standing collaboration between "Rope" and clothing brand “SABA”. Bridging together fashion and music artists were invited to compete 3 сontests per their projects: “Up In the Air", “Shirvanshahs" and "Double" took a prize and perform their collection at shows all over Europe, including Milan and "Belarus Fashion Week 2016-2017", which truly launched brand and gained worldwide recognition.
In 2018 "Rope" began the project “Neman” that aimed to help people enjoy the sound!