Nashville Master Tracks is a group of producers, musicians, engineers and studio owners who are passionate about their craft and want to share that wealth of experience with you. We can take your music from an idea on a napkin to a fully produced, ready for airplay master. And even though we’ve worked with some top names in the business, we’ve also worked with people just like you, who have a song idea and want to see it come to life.

We know what it takes to make a great recording! Our engineers, producers and musicians have worked on major label hits, network television shows, and with live touring acts.

If you don't see any of the listings that meet your needs, contact us for a custom quote. We've done everything from simple guitar/vocal demos to fully orchestrated production numbers. Let's get started!

"Nashville Master Tracks brings together a team of top-notch arrangers and musicians, combined with the highest level of engineering expertise. With each and every challenge, they have invariably excelled beyond my expectations, and I can’t wait to work with them again on my next project." Michael L.

"Nashville Master Tracks makes beautiful music. I give them a sketch - lyrics, melody and a basic progression - and they turn it into a masterpiece. They know how to communicate through music, creating a package that makes a real emotional connection with the listener." Kristin M.