Arkansas born and raised, singing ever since I can remember. Singing professionally in Nashville since 2003 for every major (and not so major) publishing company known to man. Have sang on thousands of songwriter demos, master recordings, film and tv projects and radio advertising. A chameleon in the studio. Effective range from G below middle C to A above middle C. Styles I specialize in are Country, Rock, Southern Rock, Contemporary Christian, Folk, Southern Gospel...just to name a few. Named Nashville Demo Singer of the Year multiple times. Super efficient and quick turnaround time. I can send you raw vocals or I can print mic emulation from my Slate Virtual Mic. I have every mic package they offer and they are all great. If you have the slate plugins, you can use them on your end in mixing as well. I also have an awesome Korby "Red" tube mic that is somewhere between a 251 and a U67 as far as tone. I chose this mic after a mic shootout at Blackbird and love the way it sounds on my voice.