MA Johnson—Struggle, Poverty, Rebellion. All words I know too well. Growing up in the inner city of Milwaukee, I was raised by a mother who couldn’t shelter me from the streets but I was hungry for something more. When you are starving literally and figuratively, you are forced into survival mode. You become fearless and bold. I’m not afraid to tell you that my past struggles have built my endurance, and I’m in this for the long haul. I will beat the odds because I have beat the odds. Throughout my life I’ve been without a place to lay my head. I know what it feels like for your stomach to be empty. I’ve even stared death in the face many times, but my mother is a survivor who gave birth to a fighter. Memories of shelters, non-profits, churches, food pantries, food trucks, hand-me-down clothing, goodwill and government aid have given me more stories to tell, but a life to live. My past has broadened my mentality. I now appreciate my tribulations and give 200% in all that I do because nothing is promised and nothing is given out freely. Moving forward I discovered new talents and learned new hustles. From cutting hair to basketball, music has always been and always will be the backbone of my life. I was fortunate to graduate college, earning a degree in Radio-Television-Film with a minor in Music Industry Business from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Music has been taking off ever since. My mission is to be heard and impact the people from my experiences, with hopes of them pushing through whatever struggle they are faced with. Regardless if you can relate to me or my stories, you will be able to gravitate to my art and find something that captures your attention, something you can feel, something that is real.