Having been a professional singer for over 15 years. I am also a vocal coach so feel pretty sure I know how to use my voice.

Have a very high belt range and also strong head voice. I can comfortably sing from D below middle C about three octaves from there at full voice/head tone.

I have worked on adverts and also been used from some EDM material. Recently did the BV's for producer Andrew Murray who credits include Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys to name a couple. (producers credits)

My genres include rock, pop, dance, soul, blues, jazz to name a few. I like to produce clean tracks and will often double track the lead if required and I also feel I have an excellent ear for harmonies, I studied music and performing arts for a BA degree.

I am in the UK but this has never posed a problem before as I do many remote session through a couple of other avenues also.