Eric Lumiere attended the first class of the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at New York University in 2003 and graduated with a BFA in 2007. At NYU he studied production, mixing, engineering and music business under multiple Grammy winners and experienced label associates, including producer Nick Sansano (Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Run DMC, Sonic Youth), engineer Jim Anderson (10 time Grammy Winner), and mixer Tony Maserati (Pink, Jason Mraz, Lady Gaga, Beyonce).

During his senior year at NYU, Eric met classmate Bo Pericic, one-half the DJ duo Filo and Peri, who had previously released a few dance records under Veteran Top 10 DJ, Paul Van Dyk's label, Vandit Records. After listening to a few of Eric's demos, they decided to create a dance version of his song "Anthem", which was originally a homework assignment to write an 'anthem' for a songwriting class. Soon after, Paul Van Dyk starting playing the song at his shows of up to 100,000 people and the song was eventually licensed to labels in over 13 countries. In the UK, it debuted in the Top 100 and soon broke the Top 40, which is very rare for a Trance song. In the US, it was the first Trance song to reach #1 on the Billboard Dance Airplay chart. "Anthem" continues to be regarded as one of the classic Trance songs of the decade.

After graduating NYU, Eric moved back to Los Angeles to hone his skills and discover his place in the music world. Since then, he has produced and written with many artists and top songwriters. "The collaborative process is special because each person brings something unique to the table and helps create something that I could never do on my own." Over the last few years, Eric has been experimenting and developing his own sound as an artist, while expanding his mixing and production portfolio. Though there are many soundalikes in the world of music production, Eric stands apart in his authenticity, talent, and creative musicianship. He loves bringing out the best in other artists and trying new things. He is a true lover of music and authentic expression, and when that combination touches your work, the power of your music takes its form.