"Diversity is key."

LeftLukas, born Lukas Prautsch, is a 21 year old german based independent artist, producer
and member of the creative collective "Room of Understanding".
His unique music is a steady growing tree with branches of different genre elements such as
Hip Hop, Rap and EDM - but all connected through common sound roots derived from artists like
Mike Shinoda, Logic and Machine Gun Kelly who deeply influenced LeftLukas' own style.
The young artist already performed on large festivals like "Sonne Mond & Sterne" and hit the mainstage
at "Sputnik Sprinbreak 2019" alongside other popular acts.
Until this day his tracks and collaborations reached more than 1.500.000 streams on Spotify.
LeftLukas' latest collaborative joint "Purple" was released on May 8 together with the ROU artists Garey Godson & Hkmk.
On May 22 he is about to release an exciting remix of one of his latest singles. Stay tuned.
While maintaining the focus on his visions he is turning his dreams into reality.