Hi! I am a Cuban born Internationally awarded guitarist living in Miami, with a Master of Music degree from the University of Miami, holder of the Hispanic Scholar Recognition as well as Third Prize at the 2019 Rising Stars Virtual Competition and Second Prize at the International Guitar Festival of New Orleans.
Since age ten I has been an active guitarist, participating in numerous master classes with some of the biggest names in the guitar industry (Leo Brower, Manuel Barrueco, Victor Pellegrini, Victor Rodriguez, Meng Su, Martha Masters, Adam Levin), performing at hundreds of venues around the world in countries such as Cuba, Spain, Ecuador and United States and engaging in numerous recording collaborations for the music industry, as well as television and cinema(Autorretrato con Arbol; International Latin-American Film Festival of Havana), and being part of numerous festivals and competitions.
I envision music performance as part of a wholistic Art expression. Committed to innovation, I am is consecrated to the study and expansion of the guitar in the 21st Century, seeking to break boundaries between the popular (electrical/acoustic) and the classical styles and to take the instrument to a higher level of reception to new audiences and generations. Innovation and Art integration are the words that drive her as a mission.
As a multi-instrumentalist, I can offer the sounds of the Classical Guitar, the Spanish Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukelele, Bass, and even banjo, in various musical styles, as well as the use of different tones, effects, and filters especially curated for your project and your vision. With previous experience in the recording and audiovisual fields, I could be the perfect addition to your upcoming success!