Everyone has their natural habitat. For me that place is the studio. From my early days wearing out tapes on my trusty Tascam 4-track to the highly creative atmosphere of the immortal Rockfield studios, I live my life dedicated to creating recordings that will stand the test of time.

Along the way I've had the pleasure to be mentored by one of the greatest producers and mixers of our time, Yoad Nevo at Nevo Sound Studios. There I learnt the tricks of the trade, immersing myself in the art of working quickly and effectively to create and maintain an atmosphere that encourages the artist to exceed their creative expectations. 

It was at Nevo Sound, amongst one of Europe's biggest collections of classic analogue and digital synths, that I discovered my love of synthesis as a creative tool, designing and implementing the studio's MIDI setup within Logic's MIDI environment.

With this knowledge, and my background as a multi-instrumentalist song writer, I've worked with incredible bands and artistes at world class studios such as Rockfield in South Wales. My discography has been played on national radio and earned 'Record of the Week' from BBC Radio Scotland whilst my studio engineering work includes credits such as Jimmy Page.