Hello fellow music geeks!

My name is Kat, a professional vocalist, songwriter, and casual flautist looking to create beautiful collaborations with other talented musicians like yourself!
I would be honored to talk to you about your project and to see how we can work together to make it stand out. I am personable and professional, and hope your experience working with me is pleasant, fun, and everything you hoped for!

Vocals: I have an expressive medium range, with a pleasant, clear sound and excellent pitch, Spanish and English. I can write a melody or harmony if needed.

Lyrics: My writing is often poetic, profound, and never cliche. I'd love to talk to you about what emotions you'd like to convey, and in what mood you'd like to put your listener (English only).

Flute: 12 years experience, including 4 years on a scholarship for my university's symphonic band and orchestra, plus multiple musicals and solo pieces.
I do not typically compose, but am great at sight reading. If you don't have a written score, I would be more than happy to discuss your needs to see what I can offer your project.