Writer (in French), composer/topliner, author, poet, singer, and vocal arranger, Jean-Luc Bolo alias JOMERRICK is an all-round artist who is close to music since his teenage years.
Presently, however, he mainly uses his song-writer and composer talent.

At 18 he wrote his first songs, creating them vocally on his analog Yamaha 4 track recording unit! His feel for melody and musical composition grew with time, influenced by his musical tastes, so much so that he developed great melodic maturity with each new creation, which he personally describes as "intuitive compositions".

Famous artists such as Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Michel Legrand, Laurent Voulzy, Alain Souchon, Pascal Obispo and Prince greatly inspired his love for beautiful melodies and the art of melodic composition, as well as Mozart, Jean Sébastien Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven and too many more to mention!

JOMERRICK is convinced that the one factor responsible for the timelessness of a song is its melody and melodic structure, as he often states.
For JOMERRICK music must be intuitive, felt from one's soul. When asked, he refers to himself as being more a musical instrument than a musician... "Music alone is the musician", he says.

Following an invitation to tender for AMEL BENT'S second album (famous French female singer), brought to him by a business provider, he got to work on a track for that album. Unfortunately; the demo titled « amelsong » was not included in the final track list.

While working on his own songs, JOMERRICK also creates, and writes songs for yet unknown independent artists' projects, like the black french female singer named Mina (write “ mina amoureusement “ on YOUTUBE).

Relentlessly on the hunt for new collaborations (exclusively with labels, producers, upcoming or signed artists), he willingly offers his talent and artistic sense to those interested, eager to participate in enriching artistic adventures which is, furthermore, immensely gratifying. Early in 2017, he launched his music production company: BUZZENIT MUSIC.