For Bass Playing,

Fast, Enthusiastic and VERY experienced - glad to help you sound great! - daily use of Pro Tools for over 20 years (on the latest version now!). Experience on many kinds of music.

"Before & Afters" on the engineer page - demos given to me and how the audio sounded different when I handed it in!

Super-cooperative, communicative, and willing to help you! Want you to be totally happy with your project!

We combine classic studio equipment purchased from the top out-of-business world class studios in NYC (see our website gear page for list), customization of (and training on) our gear and studios by some of the top designers and techs of recording gear and studios, combined with the most current cutting-edge Pro Tools 12 digital technology available!

We have also been fortunate enough to meet, learn from, work with, and develop wonderful personal relationships with, some of the most gifted, legendary, and amazingly talented humans that have ever lived. No exaggeration.

Fortunate to spend many years as a Studio Musician, and learning sound from engineers that I did sessions with at Legendary New York City studios: Hit Factory, Record Plant, Automated, A & R, RCA, Power Station (later Avatar), and many others.

Label and Company experience includes: SONY, EMI, Sci-Fi Channel, WWF, Divine Records, Robbins Records, uPhonics (Rue Pauls Dance Label), Flawless (Fred Durst), and many others.

The subject of articles in Pro Sound News, as well as being one of the Contributing Writers for Tape Op Magazine in their “Questions” section.

Artists worked with include: Warren Haynes (Allman Bros - Govt Mule), Bernie Worrell (P-Funk), Tracey Bonham (Grammy Nominee), De La Soul, KRS-One, Onyx, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Larry Harlow (Latin Hall Of Fame), Billy Harper (Horace Silver, Art Blakey), many others!

Take advantage of over 20 years of daily professional experience. Wide variety of musical styles: Every Type Of Rock, Pop, Soul, Hiphop, Blues, Dance, Salsa, Samba, Soca, Reggae (Roots & Dancehall), Reggaeton, and the following styles in both Traditional & Modern: R&B, Country, Jazz, & Gospel. Other styles too! Love a wide variety of music, and will happily take any type of music to the next level and beyond!