Hey guys, I'm Jared! Music is my passion. It's the only thing that truly gets me in the "flow" state where time doesn't exist and everything melts away. My mission is to help other visionaries who share the same passion that I have with music. I will put your needs & desires first. And I promise to go above and beyond for you. I believe in going all in on whatever you do in life. I also plan on being in the "long game" when it comes to music and look to create and develop authentic connections and relationships that will last a life time. All projects, communication and work together will be done with integrity and will be nothing short of greatness. Let's manifest what we deserve and rise together!

I have 10+ years experience as an active musician. I've been in the studio with producers like I.C. Green who have worked closely with Usher, Akon, Justin Bieber and Whitney Houston. And I have worked with producers/engineers who work with Rihanna, Future, & G-Eazy. I've also written dozens of songs for myself and other artist over the years. I play a lead role in the Netflix motion picture "Driven to Dance" as a musician. I also started building my own home studio around 10 years ago and have manifested so much software/gear and gained so much knowledge since.

I always ensure I deliver the most value possible to meet your goals. I get the most fulfillment when helping you create the art/sound you have envisioned. For that reason, I always ask for reference tracks that embody and capture the essence of what you are looking for.

Pop Vocal Style (Charlie Puth, Liam Payne, Cody Simpson)
Urban/ R&B (Frank Ocean, Trey Songz, Justin Bieber)
Rap/HipHop/Trap (NF, Witt Lowry, Post Malone)

Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Waves Plugins, Izotope Bundle, AVOX Bundle, Antares Autotune, CLA Vocals, Maserati VX1, L1 L2 L3's, and much more

KRK Rokit's, Focusrite Interface, Aston Spirit Condenser Mic, Mogami Golds, Golden Age Project P2 Metal Pop Filter, Sterling Isolation Shield Panel, Recording treatment, and more

Full Songwriting : 50%
Co-Writes: 25%
Hooks: 20%

(For Example, on a 200% publishing pie like the one BMI uses – Producers = 100% & Songwriters = 100%. For example - Full Songwriting: I will receive 50% of 100% writers pie. So 50% total of the 200%)

*Must fill out a split sheet with me if you are registering work with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, etc.

My CAE / IPI # (BMI) 776435308

1 free revision
2 weeks for delivery, usually sooner