His passion for music started before most kids could even write their own names. And Jamie Coutts comes by his love of music honestly. His uncle was an accomplished jazz musician, and his grandma was renowned as a brilliant piano teacher.

Jamie was introduced to the music scene early in life when he started taking piano lessons in grade one. As he grew up, Jamie’s musical interests became more focused upon vocals. He laughs when he says he used to record himself singing along to the radio into the tape recorder. During a time when all of his school mates were asking for walkmans to listen to their music on cassette, Jamie requested a full sized tape recorder so he could record himself singing and playing piano. He would then play his piano recordings for his dad who was divorced from his mom and not living with Jamie full time.

As Jamie came into adulthood, his interests turned to guitar. That’s when he signed up with Dan Schmuland of Guitarra Music Studios for some practical lessons. Over the 22 years they have been working and collaborating together, Jamie has come to view Dan as not only a friend, but a mentor as well.

Over the years, and under Dan’s guidance, Jamie wrote and recorded over 40 songs of his own. He covered every genre he could in his quest to experience all of what music had to offer. From rock to country, Jamie took pleasure in learning the nuances of the different types of music and honed his skills with each new song he wrote.

In early 2015, Jamie finally made the leap to the pop music culture.

“It’s Always been a favourite of mine, but I’ve never gone down that path before. I had a pre-conceived notion that pop music was easy to write and it all just followed a particular formula. But I soon realized that it is really hard to write good pop music and the people that do it, are really talented. So over the next year and a half, I set out to produce an eight song album.

As I've done my whole life with music, I still wanted to explore some different sounds, but all under the pop umbrella. So on the album are a couple EDM dance tracks, a pop country song, a pop reggae track and then the rest is more traditional pop.”

You can follow Jamie on Twitter at @JamieCmusic or online at www.jamiec.net and on iTunes as

Jamie C