My Name is Jameson Flood. I am based in Los Angeles. I'm a producer, engineer, guitarist, songwriter and mixer. I'm also one half of the band ALKE. I have been producing, mixing, and writing music on a professional level for over 10 years. I've worked in a variety of studios all over the country, ranging from BlackBird Studio's in Nashville, to ClearLake and Fever Studios in Los Angeles, and more. I've spent equal amounts of time working with Hip-hop artists, country artists, folk, rock, alternative, R&B, and even worship artists. If you're looking for someone to mix your song, add instrumentation, design a beat, or produce something for you from scratch, or bring your idea to life, I'd give your project every ounce of my attention. Music production is my passion. My number one goal and incentive is to have a satisfied client. If you're in a time crunch, I am flexible and will make sure I priorituze accordingly. Looking forward to hearing from you!