I am a session bassist out of Nashville Tn, with my own high end recording studio capable of providing a solid bass line to your tracks. I use top of the line gear like Neve, SSL, Kemper, Avalon, and more for tracking and have high end basses like warwick and fender to achieve great tone. The tools for the job plus the experience of working for 14 years as a professional musician combine to a great sounding and feeling bass line to match your tracks style and intensity. I have worked with artists and producers like Caleb Quaye (Elton John), Michael Farren (Lauren Daigle, Pocket Full Of Rocks), Lydia Ingegneri and more. I am very flexible and work to please the ears of the producer and artist. I chart music by ear and usually have the song written down as its being played, allowing me to get right to work and have a product back to you in a timely fashion. I can deliver fully comped/edited files with tones dialed in and a raw DI track for reamping if you choose to use a different tone. Please consider me for your next single or album.