Anthony Deshawn Johnson to who we know as independent hip hop artist Jack Rank was born May 2nd, 1986 in Tucson, Arizona and raised in the small city of Ocala, Florida just south of Gainsville, Florida. After graduating from North Marion High School he later attended the historically black college Texas Southern University out of Houston Texas to continue a career on the football field, problems would later rise forcing a transfer for Texas Southern University to Marshall University in Huntington West Virginia. Suffering a knee injury before which is now known as his final season of play forced him to the sideline for good. Returning home with nothing he picked back up where he left off, back to the studio and back to making money the best way he knew how. Being into music since middle school days leading to high school where he recorded his first song. During that time he was under the alias Murk, which was given to him from the streets by when being asked to rap and doing what is known in the street term for "Murking" the beats (meaning rapping very well) after being under a few record labels he took time off to get his life together, a year later, with a little more life experience the artist you know now as Jack Rank Was Born, So many people ask what does it mean or stand for, He derived his stage name (Jack Rank) from life its self. The term Jack Rank is a mind set, a mind set to have in life when you want to accomplish something, meaning never give up on yourself what society wont give you you have to take because nothing in life is free. Put yourself in the mind set of the military when you enter your at the lowest ranking possible you have to work and fight your way to the top to reach success, so in that way of living your have to tell yourself that you cant not loose loosing is not a option at all you have to all these ranking officers ahead of you in order for you to reach the top you have to go thru each ranking officer until you reach that top ranking, so you have to Jack Rank for the greater good of you let no stand in your way of success. Over time dealing with life and lifes problems would cause delays in moving forward in the music industry, After setting down the mic for a few years and as time moved on there came a point in his life when he realize he was at the age that he had to make life better for him and his family. Only making enough money in the streets to keep food on his plate and money in his pocket to just make it he demanded change. He took steps to do better in his life and wanted to make money the legal way so it would last with the ability to grow so he entered the trucking business, with some of the money he had stashed away from his extent in the street life he started his first business at 23 years old which was a trucking business. Lasting for just a little over two years before going under due to financial and personal issues. It never stopped this hustler. Back to the studio, his plan to excel in the music industry was the main focus. Dropping his first CD titled big business with all original music from start to finish. Created a nice buzz down in the state of florida which lead to the creation of his fix mix tape entitle Dat Ether. Shortly After being called to Atlanta, Ga for a interview with a up and coming magazine company for rising artist and meeting with some important people who could really help his career take off he had to make a choice. Realizing the buzz in florida wasn't expanding the way he plan his next plan was to head to the big city of dreams, Atlanta, Ga.