I started playing guitar at 9, studying classical guitar, basic theory and harmony.

After some years i began practicing rock and metal and started playing in little gigs in my hometown.

In 2011 i attended jazz and contemporary music class in the Conservatoire of Parma, city i'm based in actually, until 2014.

Main Professional experiences from 2011 (from last to first):

•Studio Guitarist, Sound Editor for north of Italy bands

• Session Guitarist for "Dosgamos", trash metal band based in Genova

•Owner of music and dance school named "Cool Arts" based in Parma

• Collaboration with Antonio and Lilian Amadei in the creation of "Cosmo Ensemble" as arranger and improviser on 8strings guitar. (2018)

• Live performance of "The Black Page #1" for Mr.Claudio Trotta's "No Pasta No Show" book launch (2018)

• Participation in different temporary jazz bands as live performer, arranger, band director. (2010 - 2017)

• Guitarist in EMC Orchestra directed by M° Danilo Grassi; repertoire: "The Yellow Shark" by F.Zappa (from 2015)

• Guitarist and arranger in "Cinzano Five" band; live shows and studio. (2015-2017)

• Artistic Director for "Le Minimum Club" musical events (2016)

• Banjoist in "Arrigo Boito Professional Orchestra" directed by M°Eliseo Castrignanò; repertoire: "G.Gershwin Concertos" for Piano and Orchestra (pianist: M°Roberto Cappello) - 2015

• Live Performing, Composing, Arranging and studio recording in Avantgard Jazz Duo "Artijoke" (2014-2015)

•Live execution of Steve Reich's "Electric Counterpoint" in "Auditorium Verdi" and other private venues in Parma, Italy.(2013)

• Modern Jazz repertoire performing for Japan teenagers tv program (2013)

• Live performing, arranging in jazz Rock ensemble "Bassless Trio" (2012-2014)

• Live performing, arranging in World Music group " Ensemble de la Paix"; G.I.Gurdjeff repertoire (2012-2014)

• Live performing, Orchestra managing in "Ruvido Insieme" ensemble, directed by M°Roberto Bonati (2011-2015)