I am a jazz/funk/rock saxophone player in Bucharest, Romania. I play with my own jazz funk group, Iordache and with rock group Kumm.
I write original horn arrangements for funk and rock groups who need them for $100 for a tune. If the song already has one horn line and needs more voices, I will arrange that for 2-5 voices as needed for $70 for one tune.
I will also record the alto, tenor and baritone saxophone parts as needed for $130 for a tune. I will record in a professional studio, not my own, hence the greater price. Other horns such as trumpet, trombone or flute can be added upon request, for a price that depends on the musicians’ demands.
Also, I will record a written down solo (or one played as a demo on another instrument) for an additional $70.
The maximum number of revisions is three.

- Saxophonist, flutist, back-up singer, arranger and composer for Sarmalele Reci, one of Romania’s hottest post-punk bands in the 90’s, which toured Europe and recorded several albums.
- Saxophonist with pianist Harry Tavitian’s ethno-jazz band Orient Express.
- Saxophonist with Kumm, an indie rock band which regularly tours Europe and recently recorded their 6th album.
- Saxophonist and arranger for my own band Iordache, who recently opened for the Jack DeJohnette Group in Bucharest.
- Studio work for studios in Bucharest for commercials.
- Recorded all saxophone parts on the soundtrack for the movie One Month in Thailand, by Paul Negoescu.