- 15 Years of Experience in Music Industry (Middle East
- Best Youth Singer Award Winner (Middle East Music Award
- Accomplished Berkleemusic online Studies:
Mixing & Mastering with Protools
Advanced Mixing & Mastering with Protools
Music Production Analysis
- Signed with Awakening Records Label
- Released 3 Albums
Ehlam Ma'aya (Dream with me), Nov2008
Insan (Human), July2011
Esmaani (Listen to me) Dec2014
- Produced records for Various Artists from
Sweden, Canada, USA, Egypt, KSA
- Plays (Acoustic, Nylon and Electric Guitars - Keyboards
Oud - Middle Eastern percussion)
- Home Studio Owner and works in AWK studios as
Producer and Sound Engineer
- Advanced user of Pro Tools - Reason

- Pro Tools 10.02
- Logic Pro X
- Tons of plugins
- UAD Apollo Interface
- Microphones (Brauner Phantera - Neumann TLM102 - Shure SM81 - Shure SM7b - Shure KSM32 - others)
- Channel Strip UAD LA610 Mono channel
- Monitors (Neumann KH120)
- Avantone Monitors
- Dangerous D-Box Analog Summing
- iMac Pro
- M-Audio Keystation 88
- Taylor Guitar (Acoustic)
- Godin MultiOud Ambiance
- Reason 5 Application

Specialties: Middle Eastern/World Music Composing, Arranging, Producing, Mixing, Sound Design, Musical Project Management, Recording Sound Engineering, Studio Management, Vocals, Oud Playing - Guitar/Keyboards Playing.